Great Press for The Art of Quiet Influence

The Art of Quiet Influence is out! And it’s been getting some nice attention in the media. Read all about it at the links below.

  1. A review in the Financial Times


2. A review and excerpt in 800-CEO-READS: “… a journey through time and thought, philosophy, history, and culture, all tempered into practical, actionable solidity”

3. My interview with Rodger Dean Duncan of Forbes: “No title? No problem. Consider the art of quiet influence”

4. An excerpt in the newsletter of Renaissance Executive Forums: “Leaders: Stop commanding and start influencing”

5. My by-lined article for Training Industry: “Mindfulness training–3 ways to take it beyond deep breaths”

6. An article in Working Mums about how quiet influence builds effective teams

7. Sathnam Sanghera’s column in The Times of London: “Shout it from the rooftops: Quiet influence is the best way to work”



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