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“Eminently practical. A great balance of introspection, inspiration, and impetus toward execution.” | 800-CEO-READ Editor’s Choice | Read the review

“Davis provides a book of substance that is a joy to read. In doing so, she demonstrates the relevance of the humanities even in a fast-changing 21st-century world.” | SUCCESS magazine, June 2016

“In The Greats on Leadership, Jocelyn Davis distills the most important learnings from some of the greatest leaders and authors in history into one manageable book for anyone who wants to be a great leader.” | Marshall Goldsmith, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, MOJO, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Another expert in business leadership who is involved in kick-starting this movement is Jocelyn Davis … I recently spoke with Davis about why it’s so important for aspiring business leaders to move out of their comfort zones and take the challenge of reading, sharing and discussing the classics with their colleagues.” | Chris Nelson, columnist | Read the interview on

“In her wonderful book The Greats on Leadership, Jocelyn Davis offers a powerful amalgam of wisdom on leadership from 24 go-to resources, profound thinkers like Plato, Sophocles, and Shakespeare. For me this was a delightful and mind-stretching read that, when coupled with application tools and exercises, transforms the theoretical to the actionable.” | Richard Whiteley, author of The Customer Driven Company, Love the Work You’re With, The Corporate Shaman; named one of the top 100 consultants in the world by Executive Excellence Magazine

“Whenever I hear Jocelyn Davis talk about leadership, I listen. Her latest, The Greats on Leadership, is indispensable to the novice and a great resource for the experienced. It has made me reconsider the way I think about business leadership, that Churchill and Shakespeare have as many insights as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.” | Bryan Burrough, co-author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Barbarians at the Gate

“To find a single book that captures the essence of the leadership wisdom of the past 25 centuries is simply priceless. A most enlightening read.” | Catherine Alphonso, Director, Forum India Learning Solutions

“Davis combines the power of narratives that have stood the test of time with rich modern frameworks to sharpen the perspective of anyone who’s thinking about how to lead—and develop others to lead—more effectively. It’s rare to see a book that meshes the deeply profound and personal wisdom of great writers and philosophers with immediately practical tools that anyone in any organization can apply tangibly tomorrow.” | Court Chilton, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan Executive Education

“History and biography can often provide more leadership wisdom than the latest management idea. Davis has provided a valuable resource which rightly focuses on the cultural and psychological dimensions of leadership, brought to life by a superb range of examples, from Plato to Jung, Herman Melville to Peter Drucker. Her discussion of fourth-level leadership, or subsuming one’s own ambitions to look for the common good, raises it above other titles in the field.” | Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of 50 Psychology Classics, 50 Self-Help Classics, 50 Success Classics

“Jocelyn Davis has spent the better part of two decades observing and writing about the characteristics of high-performing leaders and their teams. Now she combines her insights with the wisdom of great writers of the past two millennia to create a boldly original and eminently practical guide for leaders of all stripes. A must-read for anyone who is serious about continuing their own evolution as a leader.” | Ed Boswell, Co-founder and CEO, Conner Academy; retired Partner and former leader of PwC’s People & Change Practice

“Among the reams of books on leadership emerges one that goes beyond simple prescriptions to uncover a more profound understanding of the art. The Greats on Leadership is filled with the voices of the most important leaders and thinkers of their time; their wisdom is even more relevant today as we face unprecedented challenges in business and society. I highly recommend it.” | Joe Wheeler, Executive Director, The Service Profit Chain Institute; co-author, The Ownership Quotient

“In this refreshing book, Davis has compiled and curated the perspectives of the best leadership thinkers from Plutarch to Lincoln to, yes, Jane Austen. The Greats on Leadership is a thought-provoking, practical, and entertaining guide for leaders at all levels.” | Diane Hessan, CEO, Startup Institute, and Chairman, C Space

“A vital guide to recognizing leadership moments and acting confidently with practical wisdom. Learning is the key to leadership; this book caused me, and will cause you, to reflect and learn, to the benefit of your leadership ability.” | John Humphrey, Chairman and Principal, Humphrey Enterprises; Co-founder and former Chairman/CEO, The Forum Corporation

“A rare blend of old and new. Davis draws together leadership lessons from the Bible, Shakespeare, Mary Shelley, and James Joyce, combines them with the best of modern business writers like Marshall Goldsmith and Peter Drucker, and finishes them with her own observations. In doing so, she demonstrates the essential continuity of human nature – and particularly human motivation – through time. Her conclusions resonate with my own leadership experiences in both government and business. My hope is that readers take her advice to go back to the original books from which she draws, thereby deepening the impact of the lessons she derives.” | Robert Mass, Partner, Head of International Compliance, Goldman Sachs

“Jocelyn Davis has done it again. Her wisdom is evident as she uses the greats to outline a practical roadmap and accessible insights for aspiring or ambitious leaders. For anyone who wants to be inspired to take their game to the next level.” | Srini Pillay, CEO, NeuroBusiness Group; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School; faculty in Executive Education, Harvard Business School

“The Greats on Leadership brings to life the writings of many of our mostloved authors and applies their thinking to presentday business. It’s a pleasure to read and the tools are supported by practical examples. This is a book you will return to, time and time again.” | Karen Blal, CIPD Regional Director Asia

“A uniquely insightful take on leadership development—eras come and go, yet great leadership practices remain the same.” | Charles Miller, SVP Leadership Development, Citibank

“Jocelyn Davis has always pushed for a deeper meaning of what it takes to be a successful leader. In The Greats on Leadership, what’s old is new again.” | Kevin Higgins, CEO, Fusion Learning

“This book is a great reminder to think about leadership in terms of the scope of the leader’s impact and not rungs on the corporate ladder. I love the concept of the levels of leadership, and I’m looking forward to trying these out.” | Carmelita Lubos, Director, Global Talent Management, Burberry

“Leaders, and we are all leaders at various times, will be inspired by The Greats on Leadership. It is one leadership book you will refer to again and again throughout your career. Davis has an uncanny ability to relate great books to the problems of modern management, and by respecting the intelligence of her readers, she uplifts us all.” | Robert Bienenfeld, Assistant Vice President, Environment and Energy Strategy, American Honda Motor Co.; Trustee, St. John’s College

“With compelling stories, practical tools, and a crisp, clear writing style, you have a powerful, modern book that offers a path to leadership based on the best ideas of yesterday and today.”| Amy Tananbaum, CEO and Principal, Results By Design

“Jocelyn Davis is one of those rare thought leaders who can cut through the noise surrounding what we call leadership and get to what makes a difference for actual leaders facing actual challenges. She’s put a lot of hard thinking into this subject, but she didn’t just stop at the thinking; she has worked equally hard with the doing, helping individual leaders transform their approach and themselves. She’s a flat-out expert.” | Craig Wortmann, CEO, Sales Engine; Professor at University of Chicago Booth School of Business