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  • New Lenses on Leadership Development: Think differently about how you develop your leaders

Jocelyn says: “I had a great time delivering this 90-minute workshop recently in London to 25 forward-thinking L&D professionals. What resonated most for them: the idea of leadership levels based on positive impact instead of the traditional hierarchy. It’s an idea whose time has come.”

  • OFF the LADDER Leadership™: Make an impact as a leader no matter what your role or title

Jocelyn says: “This is shaping up to be a unique program for leaders at all levels. Definitely not for every organization, because it upends the traditional leadership pipeline. I’ll be working with AchieveForum  EMEA to develop it and test it out with a few partners over the coming months. If you’d like to join us, let me know.”

  • Leadership Traps: The eight biggest pitfalls for leaders and how to avoid them

Jocelyn says: “These traps, the focus of Ch. 2 of The Greats on Leadership, were the main topic of a webinar I delivered to clients of a large tech consultancy. What they liked most? The stories illustrating each trap.”

  • Leadership Character: Become a leader of substance

Jocelyn says: “Amy Cuddy, I love your book Presence, and I power-pose before every talk! But I think the business world needs substance more than presence. We need to bring back ways to talk about character: how to recognize it, how to develop it.”

  • How to Succeed in Business with a Liberal Arts Degree

Jocelyn says: “Humanities and science majors, take heart! You are ideally placed to become business leaders; in fact, better placed than most MBAs! You just need to know how to apply and build on everything you’ve learned.”

  • Strategic Speed: Mobilize people, accelerate execution

Jocelyn says: “I recently delivered a talk on Strategic Speed (that’s my first book, published in 2010) to execs at a major international airport. They asked some great questions. I was pleased to see how well the Clarity/Unity/Agility framework still works for leaders.”

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