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  • Why Shakespeare Should Be Your Go-To Source for Leadership Advice:  View an excerpt of this provocative keynote

Jocelyn says: “I delivered this talk for the Academy of Culture Ambassadors, a nonprofit that researches and shares ways to build thriving, wise workplace cultures. They wanted me to talk about Shakespeare, and I did … but really, the speech is about learning from terrible leaders!”

  • New Lenses on Leadership Development: Think differently about how you develop your leaders

Jocelyn says: “I had a great time delivering this 90-minute workshop in London to 25 forward-thinking L&D professionals. What resonated most for them: the idea of leadership levels based on positive impact instead of the traditional hierarchy. It’s an idea whose time has come.”

  • 5 Timeless Tools to Boost Leaders’ Thinking: A webinar for leadership coaches, featuring the five most popular tools in The Greats on Leadership

Jocelyn says: “It was an honor to address more than a hundred coaches from The Center for Creative Leadership, and to receive feedback from them saying this was one of the most useful learning sessions they’d had.”

  • Leadership Traps: The eight biggest pitfalls for leaders and how to avoid them

Jocelyn says: “These traps, the focus of Chapter 2 of The Greats on Leadership, were the main topic of a webinar I delivered to clients of a large tech consultancy. What they liked most? The stories illustrating each trap.”

  • Leadership Character: Become a leader of substance

Jocelyn says: “Amy Cuddy, I love your book Presence, and I power-pose before every talk! But I think the business world needs substance more than presence. We need to bring back ways to talk about character: how to recognize it, how to develop it.”

  • In development  Now What? The Career Workshop for Liberal Arts Majors

Jocelyn says: “I’m excited to be working with Dr. Maggie Walsh to build and test this new 2-hour workshop for college juniors and seniors. It shows liberal arts majors how to use their unique strengths to thrive in the workplace–as job seekers and job holders. We’re making it fast-paced and fun. Testing it at St John’s College, Santa Fe, in February 2018.”

  • Strategic Speed: Mobilize people, accelerate execution

Jocelyn says: “I’ve been delivering virtual talks on Strategic Speed (that’s my first book) to execs at a major international airport, as part of their leadership academy. I’ve been pleased to see how well the Clarity/Unity/Agility framework still works for leaders.”

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